GLM - Duplicate Filing Systems

Our foundation transitioned to Foundant around 2015, and since then, it has continued to file requests, follow-up submissions and communications processed through Foundant on our network drives as a backup. Any information collected or generated outside of Foundant is saved in our "efile" for the organization, and a copy is placed in the Documents section of the request in Foundant.

The network system essentially mirrors what is in Foundant.

This is a redundancy built into our procedure in the unlikely event that Foundant crashes, losing all data.

Are there any of you who have moved to having Foundant be the sole source of the abovementioned information? Are you operating a dual system, and if so, has it been streamlined so that it is not time-consuming for staff?

To give perspective, we are a place-based funder, with long grantee relationship history, that reviews roughly 130 grants per year.

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