Faith Foundation Northwest is seeking Executive Director Candidates

The Deadline to apply was January 27, 2023, at 5 pm.

The Executive Director Description The Executive Director is principally responsible for the planning, development, implementation, assessment, and improvement of all programs, by-laws and policies established by the Board of Directors. This role requires an executive-level acumen in finance and leadership. This position is responsible for the fiscal operation, budget, and regulatory compliance as it pertains to a non-profit foundation.

The eight (8) essential functions of the Executive Director Position

Stewardship of Purpose

•Serve as a compelling spokesperson for the mission of the Foundation.

•Nimbly address and meet the challenges facing the constituent community while enhancing the organization’s commitment to its history.

Financial Stewardship

•Expand resources through growth in assets under management, loans, and philanthropy by serving in a prominent role of cultivating and soliciting faith communities as investors, borrowers, and donors.

•Work with the board and staff to develop comprehensive business plans that are effective and aligned with the purpose and values of the Foundation.

•Play a prominent role in cultivating and soliciting donors to expand resources through philanthropy.

Board and Stakeholder Relations

•Maintain a close working relationship with the board and associate directors to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies.

•Lead with the Board Nominating Committee, in the process of ongoing board recruitment and development to grow and strengthen a diverse community and culture of inclusiveness.

•Cultivate and maintain relationships with leaders and organizations to promote collaborative efforts and opportunities.

Impact Evaluation Management

•Work with the board and staff to establish standards and systems that track the effectiveness and impact of the Foundation. Identify learning objectives and intended outcomes, as well as incorporate feedback loops to promote continuous learning and inform future strategies and tactics.

Staff Management

•Ensure that staff members are recruited, supported, and guided in their professional development; inspire key talent and champion the continuing development of every member of the team.

•Promote a culture of integrity, trust, and excellence in performance, open and direct communication, meaningful collaboration, and continuous improvement that values learning and commitment to quality.

•Collaborate with senior management and staff to develop and implement services and personnel to achieve strategic objectives.

Core Values and Ethical Standards Management

• A high degree of integrity, trustworthiness, and commitment to living out Christian values.

• Work with the board and staff to ensure the adoption of, and adherence to, appropriate values and ethical standards in the conduct of the Foundation business.

• Champion and lead in diversity, equity, and inclusion competency.

Risk Management and Compliance

• Work with the board and staff to ensure the Foundation develops prudent enterprise risk management strategies as well as compliance and accountability systems that are effective and aligned with the mission of the Foundation; ensuring that such strategies and systems are well-implemented

Brand Identity, External Affairs, and Voice

• Work with the board and staff to preserve the strong reputation of the Foundation, making strategic decisions about the use of the Foundation's public voice and credible influence.

• The Executive Director serves as the official representative and primary external spokesperson of the Foundation within local, national, and global settings. The Executive Director will bring the perspective of the Foundation to public conversations about the future of communities, in areas where the Foundation has expertise. This includes; engaging with leaders, public officials, and other stakeholders to educate about the mission and interests of the Foundation; working collaboratively with other private and/or public funders and grantees for greater social impact.

• The Executive Director will participate in and take an active role with the National Association of United Methodist Foundations (NAUMF) and serve as a liaison for the Foundation with the other Methodist foundations; including opportunities of collaboration with other non-profits.

Learn more: https://www.faith.foundation/news/we-are-hiring

- Deadline to apply: January 27, 2023, 5 pm.

- Email a single file including a cover letter and resume to EDapply@ffnw.us using your name as the subject.

- Email questions to EDquestion@ffnw.us.

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