What nonprofit applicants wish funders knew. Input for panel discussion with funders

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Hi Everyone,

Foundant is planning a panel discussion featuring experienced grantseekers (@LauraCochran, @StephanyHessler, and more!) talking about what makes grant application processes harder (and easier)! The audience will consist of funders who are looking to improve their grant processes and strengthen their relationships with nonprofits. Please share your top likes or 'opportunities for improvement' and we'll make sure to bring them up with our funder community!


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    Lots of great tips were shared in the webinar, "Strengthing Connections with Your Nonprofits"!

    There were suggestions for future sessions and resources to go further into this topic. So please continue to share what you've heard, implemented or any questions you have for applicants! and stay tuned.

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    When awarding partial funding, what are their expectations? Most grantors do not do partial awards but some do and they don't include a change of scope or expectations for providing less funds than requested. Seems presumptive for grantee to send in a change of scope without them triggering it.

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    This is a great question to ask our group of funders - what they expect when this happens.

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