How/where to find and connect with new prospective major donors

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Hello! My organization is relatively young (not yet 10 years) and we're just establishing a major gifts program. We want to connect with prospective HNW donors, especially in the NYC area, but struggling to figure out how to find them and land meetings. Any ideas, tips, tricks? Groups to join, events to attend, etc? Thanks!


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    Door openers can be your best friend. Board members, current donors, advocates can be extremely helpful by introducing you to potential prospects. They don't even have to ask for anything, they just make the introduction for you.

    A similar strategy is to get board members, current donors, advocates to host a coffee, wine reception or something similar and invite their friends who could be good prospects.

    Those are so much more effective than you as a professional fund raiser cold calling people.

    That's two ideas that are easy to implement.


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