What tech skill helps you the most in your job?

Hi folks! I'm the presenter for Foundant's webinar this Thursday, September 29, on tech skills for marketing/fundraising/communication professionals in nonprofits. To get the conversation started, I wanted to ask you what tech skills you lean on most. What's the tech knowledge you have or the thing you know how to do that makes you irreplaceable? If you were looking for a new job, what tech skills would you want to highlight in your resume?

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    I work for a hospital foundation and am specialized in charitable gift planning. I rely on a software package that allows me to do calculations and donor presentations for various gift vehicles, charitable trusts, life estates, charitable gift annuities, etc. This is invaluable for my work. Mastering our CRM is also critical to my job. I've had our database manager prepare several special queries for me that make my life easier by putting data at my fingertips.


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