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Hi all,

I am looking into a texting service to communicate with volunteers, share information about nonprofit events and fundraising. Does anyone use one that they like?




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    Hello @JenniferCogley.

    Sorry late in seeing this question. In my past Executive Director Life our organization used Txt2Give. We signed up for a year of service to try it out for a "public phase" of a capital campaign. As far as giving, I didn't find the platform spurring lots of giving and we had the link pasted EVERYWHERE! My thought was Text2Give would spur younger donors. Not only did it not spur younger donors, it really didn't spur that much giving at all.

    I wonder if the amount of spam coming through texts now has any relevance on people's willingness to give via text?

    I wouldn't discount texting to give as an option, but if I were running a campaign again, I wouldn't count on that channel as a big money maker.

    Feel free to reach out your experiences, thoughts, ideas, etc.. I always love learning from others-

    Andrea Stevenson

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