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Wondering if any of my grant professional colleagues are responsible for their organization's annual report. We hadn't done one in years and just did the first after many years last year. I'm working on this year's and wondering when you send yours out- what month? Do you include an ask in the Annual Report or have it be a non-ask touch? What has worked best for you? thanks in advance and Happy Holidays all!!


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    Hi Diane,

    In my past life as a CEO of a nonprofit, we usually sent our Annual Report out end of May/first part of June. We completed our annual audit around April (depending on the accounting firms load), then we created the annual report, both an online version and printed version. Printing usually took about 2 weeks and then about a week to prepare for mailing.

    We didn't do an ask with our annual report. It was more a thank you for helping make the year's work happen. (Without YOU, this work couldn't happen!!) We counted our annual report as a stewardship touch point, which helped keep our donors involved in our organization. Don't forget to mail an annual report to any partners that helped make the work happen too. Partnerships are great demonstrations of how nonprofits work together to solve problems and donors and foundations love to see partnerships.

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or I can be helpful in anyway.

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    Thank you!!

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    Not sure if you saw this Diane - we recently published a blog of writing Annual Reports: https://resources.foundant.com/blog/creating-a-successful-annual-report

    Let us know if you have receveived any helpful feedback on your past Annual Report - or if you are trying something new this year! I loved the graphs showing your progress in acquiring grant support in your past report!

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