What's Your Favorite Grant to Write?

We spend so much time, or at least I do, lamenting about the grant proposals with such limited character space, horrible portals, little money for way to much work, etc, etc. I thought it would be a nice change to hear about the applications you love. The ones that work, are easy to navigate, and don't take a billion hours to complete. Or maybe it's one that you just have the knack for, so you look forward to it every time it is available for submission. So what's your favorite?

I especially love the Land and Water Conservation Fund proposal. In the State of Georgia, they finally moved it online to a very user-friendly portal. It's one I seem to get every time I apply, and the best part is I love seeing kids (including my own) playing at the new parks, playgrounds, splash pads, and trails I've help make happen.

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    It's odd, Amanda, I actually prefer those big, crazy, more than detailed federal proposals such as SAMHSA, etc. There's something about the challenge that brings out my best. I don't find regular foundation proposals nearly as interesting. Glutton for punishment? Maybe just odd personality quirk.

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    I also love the big, complex grants. I think my favorite set of grants to write has been Head Start/Early Head Start. I love helping organizations bring high quality early childhood services with great wraparound services for families!

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