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Let us know what you'd like to discuss here in Compass. What challenges do you face in your job? What resources would support you? Choose your top category in the poll and/or comment below!

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POLL: What would you like to talk about? 3 votes

Grant Writing
DEI & Cultural Awareness
Working with your Board
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    Love to learn more about Fundraising and Grants!

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    The future of successful fund raising is moving away from checkbook philanthropy. We know from Giving USA that most donations come from individuals. Yet, less than 10% of the net worth in America is in cash. If we don't learn to have conversations with our donors about their other assets, we are leaving most of their wealth out of the discussion.

    I'd like to see some discussion about asking for noncash gifts as well as the strategic integration of regular, special and ultimate gifts. How do we have the conversation with a donor about their lifetime giving? What will they support on a regular basis? What will they do as an occasional larger impact gift? How might they make a transformational gift through their estate?

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