Introduction of our organization and work in rural Liberia and

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I am C. Christian Zarweah. I work with Give Them Hope, Inc in rural Liberia. Give Them Hope, Inc provides the platform for very vulnerable rural girls and women to improve their lives. Liberia experienced civil crisis for fifteen years. The civil war destroyed lives and properties and displaced the entire population internally and externally. When we as a nation were trying to recover from the years of war, the Ebola pandemic hit and paralyzed the entire economic and brought to a halt every activity. As we tried to recover from the Ebola pandemic, the Coronavirus pandemic hit and completely destroyed everything. The impact of the years of war and the double pandemic has made life unbearable for the already impoverished and vulnerable rural girls, women and kids. What can these vulnerable groups do to overcome the devastating impact of the years of war and the double pandemic? Give Them Hope, Inc wants to step in the gap to provide vocational skills for these rural girls and women so that they have alternative means of income generation and to control their own finances, overcome poverty and inequality. Give Them Hope, Inc intends to also construct a multi-purpose training center where the vulnerable rural girls and women will receive regular vocational skills and training. The kids will be provided with educational tools and materials to enable them enter and complete their academic year. Give Them Hope, Inc works among rural kids, girls and women in northern and central Liberia.


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    Hello! Thank you so much for your introduction and summary of your org and the great work you are focused on. I hope our resources and educational webinars help you in your efforts to fundraise and acquire grants. Welcome to our community!

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    What amazing work you are doing. I know from my work in Guatemala that investing in women is the way to better a community and overcome disparities.

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    Thanks for your encouragement. C.Chtistian Zarweah Give Them Hope, Inc, rural Liberia

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