• We change the category when it moves to board directed grants, and document that change, though we could go your route and create a new fund, linked to the old one. It's only happened once so far (we are a small, young CF). That alternate route might better protect the fund history, now that I am pondering your comments…
  • We document this change to a board advised fund with a note linked to the original fund, date stamped, and in all fund agreements, include a paragraph about making this change if the original donors/fund managers relinquish decision making.
  • Thanks for your comments, @KentWeimer. We are looking now at likely foundations nearby that will probably be damaged by the estimated worst case event, but whose communities will recover. Our intent is that this be a transition host until coastal communities rebuild--in whatever form that might take. Lots to think about!
  • CDP is focused on named disasters and providing relief/recovery. Thanks for the reminder, however, I may see if they have any suggestions for organizations within said areas.
  • We had already tackled the question of fund managers for individual funds by making the board the default decider if/when a business or family or community group lets go of the grantmaking decisions. It's in our DAF agreements. You can go back and add such a clause if the entity is still in existence. But we are now…
  • Thanks for the comments, everyone! @KentWeimer your comment on increased giving is an excellent point--I will share this with my board.
  • I am also interested in learning more, and want to know what board polices should be in place. Any suggestions?
  • @AmyOwen Is there a reason why the endowment is so small compared to the spendable? Is there an endowment goal for this fund? As for current value--that difference of $10K in value is an unrealized capital gain, which you can realize by selling the stock, then make a grant. If your policy allows a DAF manager to track the…
  • CarolReynolds, your handbook is very thorough! Thanks for sharing the link.
  • Like @LaurieAbildso, we send a packet out every year to all counsellors in the high schools we serve, and a note reminding each one of which scholarships students are eligible for in that school. It's detail intensive work, but without it, students do not look on their own or complete applications on their own. We also…