• I'm sharing information that was discussed in a CSuite group. I use the attached template to create my annual donor confirmations for the audit. I load the template into the annual tax receipt function in CSuite, then run the letter from each donor profile that needs a confirmation letter.
  • Hello! On our user group call, I offered to share a fund statement template that included a cover letter. Attached is an example. This is the only time we included a cover letter on the fund statement template, but I hope to do so again when we do our annual fund statements in a few months.
  • We started using Boardmax in 2013. It was our first board portal. They still exist, but were bought out by another company. It is a little dated and doesn't seem like it is going to be improved. I don't recommend! We switched to Boardable at the beginning of 2021 (https://boardable.com/ ) . We really like it. I demoed some…
  • I'm also curious how bank account information is collected. Our state does not require a special form to be filled out like @KristinBurgoyne has to collect. Does anyone have the grantee submit their bank and routing number on a GLM follow-up form? Do you also have them attach a copy of a canceled check? Do you collect this…
  • Welcome to your new role, Ethan!
  • Hi! As promised on our user group yesterday, I attached the PDF and word version of our fund statement. Feel free to steal and modify! Also feel free to share your templates as well.
  • Erika, We determine our distribution amount every fall, then cut the checks by March 1st. When the distributions are determined, we mail a letter to each designated recipient letting them know the next year's payout and that the check will be mailed in March. We ask them in that letter to notify us if they don't want the…