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  • We have not included a question like this on our applications, but our Trustees will sometimes ask a similar question at site visits. It's usually something to the effect of: If our foundation was unable to fully fund your grant request, would you be able to obtain additional funding elsewhere, or modify the…
  • That's an interesting question, @ChiakaNwosu. We ask what other sources of funding our applicants have (or expect to have) and we do have a network of local funders that shares data. We will occasionally reach out to another funder to see if they're interested in informally "partnering" on a grant which seems to align with…
  • Hi @MaximilianEyle. I'm so sorry I didn't get to hear you and Sheria at Summit. All great questions! I will definitely be following this thread. Our community is made up mostly of small nonprofits, so we will need to take that into account in relation to your questions. We are just starting to look at these issues. We've…
  • This is a tricky one @PeggyKennedy. If the sponsored org is the applicant, you can ask them pass on the agreement (via email or another method), but that can create delays. The alternative is to use the collaborator feature, but that gives the fiscal sponsor access to all stages of the grant, not just the grant agreement…
  • Hi @KristinBurgoyne. I think the language you are using is great, and will probably include it on our website. I do think artists may be willing to admit they need funds up front.
  • Hi Jodi. I have a GLM client I'm currently consulting with outside my position here at AFF, but if you if you have any projects that I might be able to work on at my own pace (fitting in around my other obligations), I'd be happy to help. The fact that you're on the west coast works well as we could meet/chat after 2P your…
  • We do too! We provide a grant to cover the yearly fee for our public library to provide access to this. It's in a Grant Seekers Resource Center within the library that our family foundation helped start. (We also periodically provide books and audio books to the Center.) The staff there is trained to assist with Foundation…
  • Hi Jodi! Are you looking for help with GLM, SLM, both?
  • Hi. We work with a nonprofit that supports homeless students, and some of the staff state it is preferable to use "youth experiencing homelessness" vs. "homeless youth," the idea being that being homeless is something they are experiencing, not what they are. You might also want to have checkboxes to paraphrase parts of…
  • My canine coworkers, Salem and Izzy.
  • Hi Lacey. Thanks for the opportunity to brag about my community! :) There are 6 funders in Frederick Co., MD who meet on a regular basis. When this crisis hit, we came together quickly, in part to stem the GoFundMe requests, some of which might not be legitimate. The Community Foundation worked with us to create a simple,…