• Thank you so much Leeah. Sounds like you have some similar situations and your perspective is helpful. Have a great weekend! Davette
  • Thanks for your response Elizabeth. Our scholarships are last-in and with a reasonably priced, community college, we often have students who can't use their award in the first 2 years, therefore we are considering letting that accrue for subsequent years. We also have an increasing number of students graduating high school…
  • All of these responses have been so helpful as our scholarship reviewers struggle with assessing financial need each year. We have the applicant enter their AGI and EFC along with a short answer question around their financial situation and how they are contributing to their higher education costs. We also ask them to…
  • Couldn't have made it happen without @annehossner and @AndrewBlessing! Thanks so much for walking us through step by step to get to this point!