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Do you have a favorite comfort food recipe? I'm looking for something new to try this weekend while sheltering in my kitchen!



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    This is one of my favorite recipes that is really easy to make and just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside 😊

    Tater tot casserole

    I sub out the ground beef for ground turkey and use dairy free shredded cheese.

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    That looks delicious @AngelaSavino ! I'm envisioning this with a fried egg on top as a "breakfast casserole" this weekend. I also really like subbing meat for the vegetarian "crumbles". They're very convincing in casserole and chili!

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    @AngelaSavino You beat me to it! Tater tot hotdish is my favorite!

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    Thank you @AshleyHarper! I have so much kale growing in my garden I wasn't sure what to do with it all! Looking forward to trying this recipe!

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    Follow it to the letter, excepting the sherry vinegar. It's hard to find, and apple cider vinegar is a fine replacement.

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    For comfort food, I LOVE a good chicken pot pie!!!

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    @LisaDiehl This is on my menu for tonight! If you make it out to Bozeman when travel isn't quite so tricky; we have a great little place (The Coffee Pot) that has really delicious Chicken Pot Pie amongst other tasty treats. :)

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    My family has passed this down through the years, and was one of the first recipes my mother taught me to make as a young teen cooking for the family: Mrs. Beeton's Cottage Pie. Basically, it is similar to Shepard's pie but slightly different -it's all about the carrots. We devour it so fast in our house and as the weather gets chilly, this is always on rotation!

    We usually serve it with green beans or broccoli. The linked recipe says to chervil, but I don't use that but you can use parsley (or not). You can use any pie dish too-it needn't be oval. 😋

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    With the holiday season upon us, I thought I'd jump in and share my grandmother's Cornbread Dressing recipe. It's a recipe passed down through several generations and our Thanksgivings have never been without this yummy goodness! 💜

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