My name is Courtney Whited and I am in Minnesota. Would anyone else find it beneficial if we started a Minnesota discussion group?

Hoping to start a group.

Thank you,




  • Hi @CourtneyWhited !

    I'm the Marketing Event Manager here at Foundant, and another idea to get a Minnesota group together is to first plan a client led Meet Up. These types of meetings have taken place in conference rooms and restaurants in the past, but there is not reason we couldn't plan a virtual Meet Up via Zoom. Once the meeting is over, and face-to-face connections have been made, you could continue the conversation here in Compass. Please let me know if you have questions or interested in organizing one (plus you'll earn a cool badge). For more information regarding Meet Ups click here - https://info.foundant.com/MeetUp-InformationLP.html

  • I'm in North Dakota (Bismarck), but I'd be interested in a virtual meetup with my neighbors!

    Kara L. Geiger

    Development Director

    North Dakota Community Foundation

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