What does Spring look like where you live?

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We highlighted Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s #RebloomOklahoma initiative in this month’s newsletter and want to share a few more photos of this amazing project with you… Special thanks to @ashleyelkins , Special Projects Coordinator at OCCF for sharing these photos. Please feel free to chat Ashley in this discussion if you’re interested in learning more about #RebloomOklahoma.



  • @HeidiFindlay Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of Spring flowers... We are still waiting for flowers to start showing up here in Bozeman.

  • @HeidiFindlay I went for a hike this weekend and found this Spring flower blooming here in Bozeman! Of course, we woke to snow on the ground this morning....

  • @Kellieutzinger - Little says Spring like crocus blooms!! In Virginia, they start in February and sometimes poked through snow (food for the insects that wake early). I was at my dad's this weekend, outside of Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico, and found these beauties. I immediately thought of this post and snapped a few pictures. The last one is one of the fountains in Winter Park's Central Park. I look forward to more photos!!

  • @HeidiFindlay These photos are stunning!! Thank you for sharing. They definitely brighten my snowy day here in Bozeman😊

  • Great Spring pictures! Every year in Bozeman, MT the county closes about 8 miles of road (up to Hyalite reservoir) to cars for the month of April. Lots of people/families bike/walk/run on this road. It is like a get outside tradition. :)

  • @BenLuchsinger - thank you for sharing! what a wonderful thing to do for residents! Ah... pine trees....

  • Looks like Bozeman and Grande Prairie, Alberta have similar weather patterns! We had a dump of snow on Wednesday and it's starting to melt again. There's a bit of green grass starting to show through in spots. #lovewhereyoulive

  • @RhondaReichert Here in Bozeman, the flower pots I pulled out this week are now filled with snow!

  • @ClaraCrinkey @RhondaReichert @Kellieutzinger @KevinVahlbusch

    Snow is not a problem in Florida. Mind you, nobody moves here for our summers.

    I'm truly enjoying all the pictures!

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