How has your foundation managed database functions / jobs internally?


TCF transitioned to CSuite in September 2020 and is seeing the need for a FT role to focus primarily on CSuite, and help our teams use it to its maximum ability. (We are a staff of 19.) I am proposing that the role be focused on marrying our internal operations to our strategic goals with CSuite as the explicit tool to do so. In other words, it will not be focused only on cleaning up data, but will focus on creating a culture of data integrity and reach higher in scope.

I am curious to hear of your organization's experience with internal database roles. Below are a list of questions but feel free to chime in with any information you'd like to share.

How has your foundation managed internal database work? Are the roles and responsbilities spread out across multiple staff or concentreated within 1 or a few?

If concentrated within 1 role, would you be open to sharing that job description? Who does that role report to?

Did any new roles appear after transition to new systems?

Has your database administrator role become more strategic with time? If so, please elaborate!

Thanks in advance!



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    Bettie Stammerjohn

    Executive Director

    Community Foundation of Greene County, Pennsylvania

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