Tracking fundraising

Hi all!

We have a group who is interested in helping fundraise for our Covid-19 response fund. They would like directions to come directly to us, and only want us to keep track of how many donations come in through their efforts.

We usually have separate funds for our different giving circles, and haven't really tracked these type of fundraising efforts. So I'm thinking of two possible options:

1) Create a campaign with their name to create a separate and private donation link that they share out with their constituents. This way donations are automatically tracked.

2) Have them write their name in the additional comment or in honor part of the donation and they use the general fund.

Does anyone have any experience with tracking specific donations or provide any best practices?



  • We have used what you suggested in 1) above. Internally we set up a unique fund number that the contributions go towards. We have done a unique web page that gathers the information. This isn't available to the public that is just browsing our site. The person responsible for the fund raising distributes the link to those who might be interested.

    This makes tracking and reporting both very easy.

    Kent C. Weimer, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®

    Director of Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning, Parkland Foundation

  • Thanks Kent! We ended up doing exactly what you suggested!

  • Great Diana. Good luck!


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