Recovery Fund - Distribution Plan Advice Sought

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Good afternoon -

We are advancing plans for an Arts Resiliency and Recovery Fund and are beginning work on a fund distribution plan. Does anyone have a similar campaign framework you might be willing to share?

Thank you!

Tracy Lauritzen Wright, ArtsMemphis


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    Hi @TracyLauritzenWright

    At the Montana Arts Council, we distributed our CARES Act relief funding via 3 grant programs (one exclusively for arts organizations, a reimbursement grant for orgs/individuals, and a grant only for individuals). There were pros and cons of this approach--but administratively, the small award amounts and the large number of awardees creating a TON of work. If were to design it again, I think we'd rethink the small individual awards approach.

    For Individuals: https://art.mt.gov/_docs/MontanaCARESIndividuals.pdf

    Reimbursement for orgs/individuals: https://art.mt.gov/_docs/MontanaCARESRecovery.pdf

    For orgs (eligibility pre-determined): https://art.mt.gov/_docs/MontanaCARESPartners.pdf

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    Thank you Brian!

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    Good morning -

    We are revisiting Recovery Fund distribution plans again as we prepare for more distributions in 2022, and I am curious to know if anyone has updated your plans or processes?

    We intend to support:

    Arts organizations that are part of our operating support grant program in both unrestricted support and capacity building, with a focus on organizations with budgets under $1.5M, and BIPOC-led and -serving organizations.

    Artists of all disciplines with support for professional development and/or capacity building.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your insights!


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