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I'm seeking recommendations on any board portal website, cloud-based software, or programs that you use to store documents for secure access and communicate with board members; I attached a screenshot of features we might be interested in for reference. If anyone has experience with BoardEffects, OnBoard by Passageways, or BoardMaps I would really appreciate hearing your opinion.


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    Our Administrative Assistant has created a folder in her Office365 account with shared access to the files and we have also utilized a portal on our website(not as much as Office365). All of our BOD communications are sent via email, which has been a consistent request of our BOD. Have you asked your BOD what they would like to have for access and communication. We do it yearly and they continue to say email is the best form of communication for all of them.

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    We've been using DirectorPoint since 2014. It's a great way to house documents and is very flexible. You can send automated emails through it when updates are entered or when materials are available. It also stores the historical meeting data and serves as a great reference tool.

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    A national board I've served on for four years uses OnBoard. We are very happy with it. It stores documents, limits access, for example only the executive committee can access the executive committee section, has a resource section, a calendar and many other useful features. This has streamlined our board work and increased our efficiency.


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    We use Board Effect, a portal specific to non-profit organizations. I have been using it since 2018 and I really love it. Their service and integration into the system is exceptional!

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