Do your (DAF) fund fees contribute to discretionary grantmaking?

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Hi Compass,

Triangle Community Foundation is looking to benchmark our funding peers who attribute a part of their fund fees directly into their discretionary grantmaking program. This has arisen as one of many potential ways to operationalize our values of equity and community directly into our fund policies. 

  • What, if any, part of your admin fees funnel into your discretionary/branded grantmaking programs?
    • What is the timeline for processing these fees? For example, does it happen once at the creation of the fund, or on an ongoing basis, connected to admin fee calculation?
    • Can donors opt in / opt out at the creation of the fund or at a later time? Restrict their fee to a specific impact area?
  • Does this fee connect at all with your organization's values or focus on equity? Please elaborate on how you brand this fee to your donors.
  • When did this fee become a part of your development policy? If recently, can you share how you transitioned to incorporate it in your internal policies and practices?

Thanks in advance for sharing any experience or information as we consider this possibility.




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    Hi @LaurelShulman,

    Our board broached this topic and made the decision not to use these fees. Honestly? I think that makes sense as a way to have direct impact in our community. I would like to know your defense of this and consider a way that would be appealing to the board.

    Jan Blohm

    Clinton County Foundation


    Jan Blohm

    Executive Director

    Clinton County Foundation

    Wilmington, OH 45177

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