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  • Great kickoff today - thanks to everyone for taking the time. You have my email in the user group chat. Looking forward to connecting. I am not much of a social media user so email is best.

  • Thank you all for attending today's Mountain West Virtual User Group! You can view the recording here: Passcode: [email protected]$2C6n 

  • Didn't have time to ask this today. Anyone else having issues with CANADIAN profiles/vendors? I insert Address 1, City, Province (instead of State) and Zip/Post code, then "Canada" comes up as Country. You can't edit it to all caps or abbreviate as CA. Yet when you look at the saved address in the main profile, the Country does not appear - just street, City, Province and Zip (Canada Post code). I know recently there were changes to stop the edit of City derived from Zip code. Has Canada or non-US countries always been this way and not shown Country in address display? How does that fly with USPS?

    I worked with Support late yesterday and asked them to log a tciket, subject to validation.

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