Disaster Response Resources (not COVID-specific)

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Here are several written resources

Webinar: The Lifecycle of Disaster Philanthropy

The panelists in this webinar (listed below) are all Foundant clients. The webinar covers both immediate response & managing long-term community needs.

  • @BethStipe – Executive Director, Community Foundation of North Central Washington – Discusses what immediate response looked like, and the lasting impact and additional work involved with disaster philanthropy.
  • @MarkBrewer – President/CEO, Central Florida Foundation – will discuss partnering with private donors and private foundations in response to not only natural disasters, but crises such as the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida.
  • Lynsie Laughlin -- Discusses responding to Hurricane Harvey in Dallas while a Grants Officer at The Dallas Foundation in 2017. Lynsie is now a part of the Foundant team! @LynsieLaughlin: Are there any best practices or lessons learned you would like to share about working with corporations to provide assistance for areas impacted?

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    @TracyLarimer @LynsieLaughlin

    Thanks for these comments! In Texas, we are prone to weather incidents and this was very helpful information.

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    Hey, @KaraAdams - we are currently looking to start a hurricane relief grant and doing some research to pull things together. I came across this thread and really hoping to watch the webinar linked in the main post, but it is not working for me. Are you able to help with this? Thank you so much in advance!

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    Thank you for pointing that out, @CameronWood! I've edited the original post with a new link to the webinar. Please be sure to share what you learn and how your own disaster relief grant comes along!

    Kara Adams, M.Ed., CAE (she/her/hers)|Community Manager|kara.adams@foundant.com

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    Awesome, thank you so much, @KaraAdams! I will definitely be sure to share what we learn and come up with as we make our way through the process. Anyone else that happens to see this comment and has information or resources they can share, it would be greatly appreciated 😊

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