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We’ve all endured tremendous instability and uncertainty. Blind train track switches being thrown on us. Quick hard left turns. Pea soup fog ahead. There have also been unanticipated blessings fall from the sky. Surprising new ways of accomplishing tasks. New efficiencies. It all affects our mental health. And our outlook. Curious how my colleagues are feeling right about now. Going into a new year with trepidation? With hope? With caution? I have some concerns. But I think I’m feeling more optimism. And for our Foundation, I think the year just past has made us stronger. What about you?


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    Regional Training CSuite Photogenic First Compass Anniversary

    I personally am very optimistic with the coming new year. This year we have learned a lot and created a reserve policy for the next time things go south. I enjoy keeping in mind that it is natural to have ups and downs, good and bad years. One of the only things we can do is try to prepare for them and budget wisely.

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