High community needs related to Covid-19

Our local health department has identified 2 potential needs, but we don't have an org who has done this yet:

a. Provide deliveries of basic needs to Covid patients who are quarantined.

b. Provide some type of shelter for Covid patients when released from the hospital who can't return home (they live with others who may be too vulnerable).

If your community is providing these services, please comment on which org (did they exist to do this, or did they pivot to meet this need) is taking care of this. Thank, Judy


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    LisaStachulaLisaStachula Posts: 51 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Judy,

    In response to a., our regional foodbank is organizing deliveries of food to people. That doesn't cover all types of basic needs, but that is an example. I know there are also several churches who are organizing deliveries to homes as well. I don't know of anything regarding b.

    :) Lisa

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    JudyQuisenberryJudyQuisenberry Posts: 3
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    Thank you!


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