Best Practices for Organizations with Remote Workers

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Hi! I am interested in learning what nonprofit organizations are providing to their remote working employees in terms of home office/work station set up allowance (e.g. appropriate chair, key board, equipment, etc.), monthly stipend (e.g. to cover internet, phone, etc.) and so on. What are other nonprofits with remote work-forces doing in this regard? Do you provide allowances, monthly stipends, or simple reimbursements for necessary items? Would you be willing to share?

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  • We provide employees all the equipment they need for a home office as if they were working in our business office: SurfacePro tablet, printer, monitor, docking station, computer accessories, etc. as well as an office chair and supplies (printer ink, paper, pens, stapler, etc.). We expense the supplies and keep a list of all assets that would have to be returned when the employee leaves employment.

    We provide a $50 a month telephone allowance. We provide an internet stipend if the employee would not otherwise have internet at home. We provide mileage at the federal rate to meetings from home. NO mileage is given to come to the business office.

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    Thanks for your response, Jennifer. This is very helpful! Hopefully, others will respond as well, so I can get a picture of the various ways organizations provide for their remote employees and what is common practice.

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    Our foundation provided all the necessary tools... a new computer, a webcam, etc. Everything else was already in place at home.

    No extra stipends, just the 'musts' for working at home.

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