Looking for contacts in the Wisconsin area to expand our collaboration efforts!

Feel free to email me at [email protected]

I'd be happy to start a list of contacts and send it to those who are interested!

Stay safe y'all! 😁


  • Hi Andrew! My name is Rosie. I'm with Foundant and also live in Wisconsin. It's spring here today!! I'm glad you started this thread and it will be great to see who else responds from our state!

  • KarenWolfKarenWolf
    Indoorsy U.S.A. 25 Likes First Answer

    Hello! I am with the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin as the Operations Coordinator. Glad to meet you!

    I'd like to connect about anything.

    Hope everyone is staying safe.

    Karen Wolf

    Operations Coordinator

    Email [email protected]

    Web www.cfcwi.org

    Facebook www.facebook.com/cfcwi

  • @AndrewDudleyShannon Did anyone ever reach out to you about collaboration? Did you have anything specific in mind?

    Sorry to be late to the party. I'm actually in Illinois, not Wisconsin (insert joke about FIBs here) but I've seen a few models of collaboration which I'd be happy run though if you all are interested.

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