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How does your organization report out to your Board? We have done simple info graphs but would like to change it up this year. I look forward to all your suggestions. Thank you



  • We do the numbers and the graphs. But also spend equal amounts of time on impact stories. We've got different types of people who glean their information in different ways.. The numbers people and the stories people. Our aim with any report out is that we can provide meaningful impact both ways to 'hit their hearts'. We also work directly in the community and with our nonprofits so have easy ways to connect with their impact.

  • If this is helpful, we have started using Visme to share both numbers and narrative information.

  • We publish impact graphs every year that we post on the website as well as including a blog on our website that includes stories and pictures. This helps our board members gather a full picture of what they approved for the year.

  • @KateClavijo Do you like Visme? I haven't heard of it but I'm on the page now and it looks cool.

  • I would be interested in hearing what other software people use to format their data? Excel? Other software? Is anyone sharing data with their board online, or are you only presenting it in a board book?

    @LauraWickizer I would love to know how you create those great charts on your website. They are fantastic and I bet almost anyone reading this post has that kind of data they would be interested in showing off.

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    I download the Foundant report to Excel and format it to fit our regular reporting, then add it to the Board Book. We had Crystal Reports that were set up WYSIWYG, and I do miss that, but am waiting patiently ;) So far, nobody is interested in the charts.... I do, however, get requests for ad-hoc reporting, but still, it's pretty flat as it's still coming to me in Excel.


  • @AaronSpevacek (Sorry for the delayed response) Our Impact charts that we use on our website to share with our board and community members are created through our website. We use Wordpress and enter our data for each category under the Charts tab. I believe we had our website developers help create the template to where it is a printable PDF, but it is much easier than creating a new report each year and exporting the data to excel, then uploading it as a chart! (PS- Kari says hi!)

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