Hey-o from the East Coast!

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Hi Everyone! I wanted to welcome you all to the East Coast Regional Group here on Compass.

Eastern time zone employees at Foundant are in the minority for staff members so I get REALLY excited when I speak to other people in my time zone :)

I'm a CSM who works remotely for Foundant out of York, PA. Where you all from?

I'll try and keep you posted on all things regional for Foundant events as I hear more. I just finished doing a whirlwind few months for user groups: Orlando, Philly (Go Birds!) and New York. We are pausing our events right now for obvious reasons but hopefully these weird times will return to some degree of normalcy soon and we can resume our trainings. Stay Tuned!



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  • Hi there! I work for the Longwood Foundation in Wilmington, Delaware. I’d love to be kept informed of any events held in our area.

    KaraAdams[Deleted User]DarahMoore
  • Hi E.C.,

    Thanks for coming back to Orlando again this year. Our team enjoyed having you. Thanks for keeping us connected to the East Coast Foundant activities. I hope you are doing well!

    KaraAdams[Deleted User]ECPollickByrnesHeidiFindlay
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    Proud team member of the Union Savings Bank Foundation in Danbury, CT.  Looking forward to the opportunity to attend user groups or training closer to home.

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  • Hi all!

    Like E. C., I too am part of the Foundant Team. I work remotely from Florida as a Fund Accountant Client Success Manager. I am looking forward to connecting with others from the East Coast.

    As soon as travel resumes, we will definitely keep you all informed of user groups in your areas. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Holly Spitz

    Fund Accounting Client Success Manager

    Foundant Technologies, Inc.

  • Proud team member of the Union Savings Bank Foundation in Danbury, CT.  Looking forward to when I can attend a user group closer to home.

  • Hi Everyone! I work with the Ben & Jerry's Foundation in Vermont. Not much happens up here, but I would love to learn about user groups for the Northeast (if you do break it down into sections of the East Coast).

    Thanks for creating a space for us here. Looking forward to connecting with folks!

  • Hi Dana! It's nice to hear from you! Currently, we have a couple virtual User Groups planned around conferences we are sponsoring this fall. Are you looking for a training or networking opportunity?

  • Hi Darah! Maybe both actually, but I guess I was thinking networking at first.

    We have an advanced GLM license and I keep hoping I could get more training on all the capabilities at our disposal, and see how other use those features. I am not sure if that is the sort of thing that gets covered in the training, but that is of interest for me. Thanks!

  • Hi @DanaJeffery, you have a couple options...

    For Networking, I can help you organize a client led Meet Up - https://info.foundant.com/MeetUp-InformationLP.html. Meet Ups are great for connecting with other GLM users in your area and sharing best practices.

    For training and networking, we are planning on pivoting our December You Fly, We Buy event to virtual, where there will be time to learn and connect - https://info.foundant.com/2020-12GLMYouFlyWeBuy_RegistrationLP.html

    *please note that were are still working on switching over the December event verbiage from live to virtual.

    Let me know if you one those options will work. Darah

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    Bummer on the December You Fly We Buy event... But I understand. I look forward to hearing more.

    Meanwhile - I am with the Community Foundation of Greene County (Pennsylvania) - the southwest corner. So I'm always looking to meet up and connect with other community foundations, and other Foundant users.

    We have CSuite, as well as the advanced SLM and standard GLM. We started a year ago (thank you @CrystalMacmillan , @ECPollickByrnes and @AndrewBlessing !

    I see more PA orgs coming on, but I'm also close to West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland!

    Bettie Stammerjohn

    Bettie Stammerjohn

    Executive Director

    Community Foundation of Greene County, Pennsylvania

  • Hi Darah and E.C. !

    Nice to see you on Compass! Looking forward to a time soon when we can all get together on a Zoom User Group meeting!

  • Hi @LanceEskelund! It seems like we had a User Group planned back in March that was canceled. We need to reschedule. Maybe this fall?

  • Hi E.C. and Darah and all! I'm late finding you (so many places to check-in). I'm with the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation in Winter Park, Florida and I, too, miss gathering and discussing Foundant and its capabilities. I'm considering going through Foundant GLM certification, and wonder if any of you took up that challenge and opportunity a year (or more) after you built your database?

  • Hi Heidi! This is Anne Hossner and I'm with our Learning and Development department. We were able to work together for just a bit when I was a CSM. I really enjoyed working with you and my colleague, Marius.

    It's excellent that you're considering the GLM Certification. We see clients prepare for and take the exam at all different stages: some, right out of the gate and others, several years in after they feel more comfortable with the tool.

    Our L&D team is currently working on a new Foundant Product Certification series that we plan to launch next year. Meanwhile, we will be taking down the GLM Certification exam mid September. If you miss the small window left to take the exam and want to self assess, let me know. We are happy to send you the questions. And then next year, approximately Q3, you will be to participate in the new Certification pathway.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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    Hi @annehossner!

    Of course I remember you! Even in all that transition, everybody at Foundant was (and has been) memorable.

    I saw that the current GLM certification process would be sidelined in preparation for the next version. Thank you for offering the questions for self assessment - I would like that, yes please. Unless our situation at work changes, I'm probably not going to get to the current one in time. Probably.



  • You got it. Our team will email you the questions -- we'll add them to a google doc. Expect some swag if you do well :)

  • Hi Darah,

    I think it would be wonderful to have a regional fall Zoom gathering. It would be an opportunity to share our COVID challenges in a live setting and to continue to build our community. Everyone I know has been hunkered down to some degree. There has been a sense of isolation while most of us continue to work from home. And, summer was kind of a bust for a lot of us. Wouldn't it be marvelous to get together for an upbeat event that celebrates our collective mission and tenacity?

    Could we open up a dialog and see what kind of creative ideas bubble up? Perhaps we could do something around the harvest theme? In spite of these messy times, there are many things for which we can be grateful.



  • You are right @LanceEskelund, there are many things to be grateful for. It's easy to lose sight of that right now, but we will get through this together. Maybe we can plan something for early November? We have quite a few events planned for September and October. We will be in touch soon to hash out the details.

  • Sounds great Darah!

  • HI all,

    I'm a program officer for the Community Foundation For The Ohio Valley. Just throwing this out there for anyone that may interested and I'll post more info with details as they unfold. Our regional PEAK Grantmaking chapter will be hosting a Foundant GLM user group hopefully in May. Anyone is welcome to join the user group event and you don't need to be connected with PEAK to attend. Again, I'll post details once things are confirmed.



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