What if your office ends up with COVID-19 cases?

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Hi all!

I help a couple foundations here in Portland, OR with a small number of staff. As part of our resiliency planning, each staff member is identifying folks that could step into parts of our roles and help our foundation keep funding during the worst case scenario that our office has a COVID-19 related staffing crisis.

Are there others interested in starting a list of contacts that could be resources for each other during this worst case scenario?

As a grants manager living in Foundant, it makes most sense to me to look for other Foundant users. We are all telecommuting so location doesn't matter.

(Note: I think we picked the perfect software to have during this pandemic, as the support/customer service experience will be excellent if beginner Foundant user staff have to step into grants management processes.)


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    This is a great plan. We are not fully functional on Foundant yet but when I worked for a FIMS foundation, we had a 'sister' foundation across the country. When either one needed help, we stepped up! When their long time accountant changed jobs, I did double duty for a few months (accountant for two foundations) remotely until they hired someone. Good notes and procedures are critical for this to work well.

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