Greetings from New York!

Hope this message greets everyone well during these difficult times.

My name is Elizabeth Flores and I am the Community Impact Director at a national non-profit organization based in New York City.

I oversee all of our national grant and scholarship programs. I am looking forward to connecting with other funders.

Stay healthy, active and connected.




  • Hi Elizabeth! We're so excited to be able to provide Compass as a space for you to connect with others in the Philanthropic community. Be sure to explore all our discussion categories, and feel free to post a topic or question to start a conversation!

    Welcome to Compass!


    Kara Adams, M.Ed., CAE (she/her/hers)|Community Manager|[email protected]

    Headquartered: Bozeman, MT| Remote Location: Chicago, IL | Direct: 312-802-1374 ||

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    Hi Elizabeth! I have a brother who lives in Brooklyn, and we love to travel there. In what part of NYC do you live?

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