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    Thanks to @CarolSloper, and everyone else who attended today's KACF User Group. You can find the recording link from today's event here - https://foundant.zoom.us/rec/share/3eplMZDL-HpJBYHEuWLxUJM-J7y5eaa80yUc-_ALxRtwHe6u-TI1VFHnrpmqPn4_

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    Here is the Q&A from the 8/20/2020 User Group Meeting for Kansas Association of Community Foundations (KACF):


    Fund always gives to 4 organizations. Is that handled as a finite amount or a percent?

    Recurring Grants are set-up as dollar amounts. Beneficiary grants are broken out by the designated percentage.

    On Reports: Can I search for reports done by other users at my organization?

    Yes - you would find these on the Reporting area. The author of the reports are noted and searchable.

    In the approval area, can you have the signature of the person who approves the check appear on the check template?

    You can use some degree of conditional logic on the check templates. Here is an example shared:

    • Less than $10K -- one signature appears on the printed check
    • $10-$25K -- Two signatures appears on the printed check
    • $25K+ --No signature appears to drive you to get a human physical signature on the larger checks

    Is is possible for the Sandbox site to mirror the production site in an automated fashion, such as the 2nd Wednesday of the month?

    Today you have to manually hit the "Sync Dev" button in your Sandbox site to capture an updated copy of your production site. We are looking at adding the ability to have scheduled automatic Sandbox syncing, but it is not there yet & we have not yet mapped out how that will work.

     Can we get a report or other tool to help us identify 3rd party references or contributors that have not responded so they can be contacted outside the system.  If the auto messages are blocked they will not get the automated notice or reminders and I need an easy way to identify them to contact them directly.

    Suggestions from the audience:

    • We created a separate email to send to 3rd party to be more specific on the deadline and request, as well as reminder because the students themselves are often not terribly specific.
    • When I was an SLM administrator at the Dallas Foundation I was able to create a report in SLM to pull all of the 3rd party emails so I could manage outside the system. Not perfect, but it worked. Action: We can take this suggestion to the SLM product team to explore whether there are other solutions in the works.

    Tracy Larimer | Foundant| Bozeman, MT | she / her / hers |

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    Tracy Larimer | Foundant| Bozeman, MT | she / her / hers |

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