Donor Education Event - topics and speakers?

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Hello all,

We plan to host a donor education event in the fall and are looking for topics and speaker ideas. We had three of these events pre-covid. The topics were ESG investing, how to engage the next generation/family philanthropy, and the importance of capacity-building support.

We are open to any topics and speaker ideas if you have them! The event will be in person at a lovely venue over breakfast or lunch. The audience is Foundation donors and fundholders. The goal is education and stewardship.

Thank you in advance!


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    I always love the topic of Trust Based Philanthropy, it can be super broad but you could also dive into specifics.

    Do you also speak to scholarship donors? Sometimes it can be helpful to explain that over specific qualifications can be harmful to getting kids money for higher education.

    AI also is a hot topic and should be addressed!

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