Women in Philanthropy education session

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Hi all,

We offer a donor/fund holder education series and this fall we'd like to host a session with the topic of Women in Philanthropy. Women often lead the philanthropic direction for their household and traditionally live longer. In this session we'd like to educate and empower our female fundholders in their charitable planning.

Has anyone provided a session like this before, or have worked with a great speaker in this realm? Please send all recommendations my way! Thank you!

Elizabeth Messerli, MA, CNP
Philanthropic Services Officer
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado


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    I am not the one who came up with it, nor implemented it, but we just did a Women In Philanthropy event this February. You can read about it here: https://sscf.ca/thank-you-for-attending-the-women-supporting-women-event/ and the fund is here: https://sscf.ca/funds/vital-community-women-and-childrens-fund/

    Pink/Barbie-inspired theme (which over social media received many compliments, but a few detractors). Panel of 3 who covered areas of giving Time, Talent and Treasure. And, ticket sales supported a Flow Through Fund to help women and children in need. YWCA was one of our partners, and they suggested a fundraiser. They themselves receive funding for direct financial support for women in need from a national program, and sit on a committee that fields requests beyond women fleeing domestic violence. Because our focus is on food insecurity, homelessness, and mental health, being able to support directly women in need, through grants to a charitable partner who can make it happen, was a great fit. We had capacity for 100, and sold out. We plan on doing this again next year - and varying the theme for our guests year to year.

    Lorna Sandberg

    Director of Philanthropy and Donor Stewardship

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    We have been thinking something similar, maybe specifically for our Women and Girls Fund that we launched in 2022. We haven't spoken to her or made any plans, but we saw Adrienne Penta speak at the Boston Foundation probably about five years ago on the topic you are asking about. Here's some info. Good luck!


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    Follow up question, would you mind sharing what other topics and speakers you've used in the past? We plan to do a donor education in the fall and are looking for ideas. Thanks!

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    In the last year or so we’ve held donor / fund holder education on the following topics:

    Community Issue Briefings (these were also open to our Board and grant committee members):

    • Regional Housing Challenges
    • Behavioral and Mental Health
    • Childcare: The Economy and Our Future
    • Immigration Today: How does Northern Colorado Support our Newest Residents?
    • Workforce Preparation, Training, and Development
    • Environmental Resiliency, Northern Colorado and Beyond
    • Arts and Cultural Experiences
    • How Nonprofits Measure and Communicate Outcomes and Impact
    • Serving Our Neighbors Experiencing Homelessness

    Creating Family Legacies Through Philanthropy (this is the one we did for our fundholders; we did a similar one with a group of local professional advisors)

    Nonprofit Agency Funds 101 (this was offered to our Nonprofit partners that hold agency funds with us)

    We also host a yearly Investment Performance Briefing webinar for all of our fundholders to join.

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