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Hello from Truckee, CA

Greetings from Kathy at the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation from my home office in Truckee, CA!

I deal with Foundation Services at the TTCF (AP/AR, grant due diligence and checks, payroll, contract management, database admin, remote banking, gift processing/acknowledgement, audit prep, board admin/minutes, quarterly fund statements, supporting donor services, Federal grant project manager, and some programmatic support). I've been with TTCF for 4 years.

I'm looking forward to learning/sharing on this community portal. Thanks for setting this up.



  • Hi Kathy! We're excited to learn from you as well! You may be interested in the West Coast group in Regional Groups and some of the specific topic groups in Sectors. Feel free to post a topic or question to get the conversation started!

    Welcome to Compass!


  • I'm so excited to see you here, Kathy! We need to get you a You-Fly-We-Buy badge. I look forward to the day we can visit you all in Truckee again!

    Tracy Larimer | Foundant| Bozeman, MT | she / her / hers |

  • @KathyWhitlow & @TracyLarimer - Badge(s) awarded! 😉

    Welcome to Compass, Kathy!

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