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Hello from Central Indiana!

I support programming and finance at our community foundation, located in East Central Indiana. I work in GLM, SLM and CSuite all day everyday.  I have been very pleased with how much support we have gotten since we first started our Foundant journey in late 2018. Some members of the Foundant team feel like coworkers! I am currently working from my couch with my three Dachshund coworkers! My 6 human coworkers are also working from their homes at this time. We have plenty to do addressing the needs of our community during this crazy time!


  • Hi Carol! You probably know we love dogs here at Foundant. We'd love to see pictures of your four-legged coworkers! Feel free to post one in our Just for Fun group in Resources!

    Welcome to Compass!


  • JakeSharpJakeSharp
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    Hi Carol,

    I'm formally requesting pictures of your dog. :D


  • If you insist! ;) I have uploaded them in the Just for Fun section!

  • Hi Carol! My family lived on the West side of Indpls for a few years...and it is one of my favorite cities. Though we thoroughly enjoyed living in Indiana, we ended up moving back to Central Kansas when we started our family.

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