Regional Training Greenfield, IN GLM: 8.11.23 Settings & Custom Messaging

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Objective #1:

Key Settings you can change:

           Follow Up Visibility & Logic

           Public Apply Page

           Logon Page Message

           User Password Policy

 Objective #2:

Key Settings We Can Change

           Custom Text on Pages – at your request, Foundant can

instructions to evaluators or links to instructions

Can add fields to organization registration page

           Duplicate Tax ID Warning


Feature Settings – under gear icon. A few setting options (many more available; please explore) --

You’ll see your license type here

You can change your logon page message

Show follow ups with decision status

Follow up submission logic

Organization viewable by applicant

Follow up notification days – can up date # days for reminder

Enable public apply page

Rename names for roles in system

Warn applicant of existing request

User Password Policy


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