Regional Training Greenfield, IN GLM: 8.11.23 Communications

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Foundant Support - Please edit/update as needed

Email Templates

Can send using a template or without a template.

Reply to: You must put an email here, or their reply gets lost. You can also Cc: and/or Bcc:; no restrictions


Merge field - so many from which to choose (there were just a few in the beginning).

Can upload email attachments that you regularly use at Communication>Email Attachments.

Can insert links, logo, can view HTML coding. Image (logo) options requires you to host the image online (Google Docs, from your website, etc.).

 Automated Emails (no automated emails for decisions)

Attaching Emails to Processes

Batch emails are not group emails – it is an email sent individually to each recipient. 

Can send batch emails from Dashboard workloads or from the user search option. 

 I.E. send batch email to evaluators to let them know they have been assigned several evaluations.

Email History: You can access from Communications, Organizations or User

           Communications>Email History to see ALL email history. If you click on the status, it will show the actual time stamps regarding that particular email history

           Organizations>Email History to see emails to that organization

           User>Email History to see emails to that user

           Status – you can hover over the question mark to see explanations for each status

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