Regional Training GLM: 8.10.23 Reporting

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2 Common Types of Reports

Create Data Set & HT Manipulate Data in GLM

How Reporting can inform your Applications & Follow Ups

Every report is like a recipe: data set = ingredients; formulas, charts = preparation to get final meal

New Data Set: general Information here - you'll probably use it for many reports. "Grant History Data." You can add information into Description to note what you have included in this data set. "Create Data Set"

Now you tell the system where to look for the data. You choose processes, request statuses, submission statuses and form types. Save.

Now, build actual columns for the report. The tabs show all the form types from which to choose.

One Per: Request, Evaluation, Form (great follow up reports), Installment, Payment, CharityCheck, Eligibility

Run New Report

......too much to put here!!

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