Buffalo, New York Regional Training

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If you attended the Buffalo, New York Regional Training, use this space to connect with your peers!

Pictured above, our wonderful trainers @LaurenRennie, @MadelynHillis and @MarieShores!

What was your favorite part of this training?


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    Thank you to all the Foundant staff who were with us this week for the training. You made it easy to follow (even I I had trouble seeing the TV) and see the new ways to get our end result quicker.

    It was great meeting others using the GMS product and sharing our experiences, which would set off a lightbulb for us in our world. Some very helpful ideas.

    And a big thank you for turning on some of the features that are available in our GMS, which may be small, but definitely helpful in the flow of work.

    The Richardson Hotel was a unique place; beautiful architecture and history. Even though I didn't see anyone in any of the halls going to /from my room, I certainly heard them....btw, I had a great nights sleep when I got home! lol

    Tricia Napolitano

    Director of Grants Management and Due Diligence

    Phillips Charitable Foundation

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