Embracing New Connections and Exciting Conversations!

Hey everyone! My name is Sam Bennett and I am one of the new Client Services Interns here at Foundant Technologies. I became interested in working for Foundant after speaking with Rio Wofford directly about the company and all it has to offer. I am originally from the Jersey Shore, yes that Jersey Shore, and have a background as a former Sales Director in the craft beer industry and the Manager of Guest Services at Eldora Mountain outside of Boulder, CO. I currently live in New Jersey, as I build my first home from scratch in a Ford Transit 350. Currently, my wife, Sarah, and I only have a few steps left before we can travel back west to see our friends. I may even stop by Bozeman from time to time. In my off time, I am starting a small side business, a pop-up service to bring retro videogames into the public eye at coffee shops, breweries, and businesses. My favorite game is and forever will be Super Smash Brothers Melee. Outdoor activities also serve me well as I will take advantage of any opportunity to play in nature. In addition, I have two dogs, Bagel and Miso, who continuously find ways to jump into the camera screen on Zoom. Maybe you will catch a glimpse! I look forward to working with you all!


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