Remembering Debi Clark

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Many of you on this forum (like myself) have a history with FIMS. For those of us with that history, we undoubtedly worked with Debi Clark along the way.

When I heard today that Debi passed away after a battle with cancer, it made me sad personally from the many interactions I had with Debi as a coworker and as we talked after our working relationship ended. But I was also saddened for the community foundation world as Debi helped and informed and mentored so many of us in her journey.

I remember when Debi was beginning to move into retirement. She was looking forward to traveling and also more time singing. She loved singing with her Chorale group! And then shortly after that, I ran into her at FAOG. She wasn't able to stay away from the community foundations that she loved so much. Her legacy affects many of us. I definitely learned from her and will definitely miss her.

For those of you that knew her and worked with her, feel free to post a favorite memory!

Also please remember her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve their loss.


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    Wow. It is not much of an overstatement to say Debi taught me everything I know about fund accounting. She was my first mentor in the CF and FA world. Debi also helped shaped how I approach and solve issues, and how how I interact with the clients that I support.

    I never got to meet Debi in person, but I talked to her weekly, if not daily for 3 years when we worked together in FIMS support. She was the one who knew everything there was know about FIMS and was always happy to teach and share knowledge.

    I remember her sense of humor. How much she lover her choir and her family. Her continued promise that was going to retire as soon as savings hit X amount, but then always seemed to find another reason not to retire. She also LOVED Farmville and spend countless hours playing the game, as well as sending tons of bug reports to their support. 😁

    It never really felt the same working with FIMS after Debi retired. She had been with the product since the beginning and really seemed to be a part of the system.

    She will definitely be missed.

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    Debi Clark got me through so much in my early CF days! In fact, I have a post it note on my monitor riser to THIS DAY, with her phone number on it and my FIMS login.

    Debi was so helpful with all things CF and FIMS. I always seemed to have the most complicated questions and would be told, "you need to ask Debi about that or Debi can help you with that." I remember listening to different trainings and knowing it was her voice. I really don't know if I would have made it this far without her help, yet here I am, eight years later!

    So sorry to hear this news, she was an icon for sure!

    Michele R. Jeican, Finance Coordinator

    Northern New York Community Foundation

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