Creative ideas for Donor Recognition events or themes?

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Hi there - we would like to hold a donor recognition event for our fund advisors, and were wondering what others do that may be unique or creative. We have had charities speak before, and were thinking of a charity tour, but also wondering how others added some ooomph and value, for the donor and for us an organization?

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    This year our donor recognition event will be a 'Bird's Eye View' theme of the projects and community they support. We are holding it on a rooftop in our uptown area so that donors can look out at our city and see various projects from above. Right from that spot you can see projects like our trail system that runs through town, several riverside parks that have been funded, and a host of other projects. We may do some small, informational signs that detail some of these projects.

    As Dorena said above, we are keeping it simple. We're bringing in local food for a 'cocktail hour' and are just connecting with everyone there. No asks! Just people connecting.

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