NEW CATEGORY: Foundant Product Q&A!

You may have noticed some changes to our Compass homepage navigation this week. We've dedicated a new category to focus on Foundant Product Q&A, and moved several amazing discussions to our Philanthropic Best Practices category where all Compass members can benefit from the knowledge, experiences and questions that are being so generously shared.

The new help forums in Foundant Product Q&A - for current Foundant customers only - offer an area to ask your peers using GLM, SLM and CSuite your "What's the best way to ___?" and "How do you recommend I do ___?" questions. The more questions that are asked, the more solutions we'll accumulate, creating a repository of best answers and expert advice from peers who have "been in your shoes".

Foundant Product Q&A is being moderated by our stellar Client Services team and Client Success Associates. They will be sharing regular FAQs and tips as well, to help you improve your efficiency and maximize the impact of how you use GLM, SLM and CSuite in your organization.

Take a moment to visit Foundant Product Q&A and ask a question today!

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