Crescendo was recommended in one of the webinars late last year and we are looking for feedback on their services. Also does anyone have any other recommendations for marketing materials like Crescendo?

We are looking for help with creating content for newsletters, email blasts, etc.


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    Reach out to our Development department if you want to know more about content provided by Cresendo. I know it is a time saver for our staff having the content created by Cresendo. There's a header you can edit to put content about the foundation. There's comprehensive reporting on their web page hits and bounced email report. We created a process for updating CSuite / Cresendo for the Professional partners we work with.

    Check out our website ( under advisors tab there is "GiftLaw Resources" which is their website integrated into ours. They updated the template for professional enews when we updated our website. Also check out our website under About/Staff if you want to reach out directly to our Development staff. Our Development associate manages the list, editing content on the newsletter. VP controls content.

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    @SallyWeldon Thanks so much! 😀

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