2022 Year in Review

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Enjoy scrolling through this recap of 2022 community activity in our annual edition of "Compass Wrapped"!

Thank you for all your contributions, and being part of Foundant's community for philanthropy!

Congratulations everyone!

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Thank you to @GrettaKraus (Compass Intern), @MeliaSwirsky (former Compass Intern) and @AlliHansen (Content Experience Designer) for their help with this idea and the images!

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  • MeliaSwirskyMeliaSwirsky Posts: 17
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    @GrettaKraus I second that!

  • KevinVahlbuschKevinVahlbusch Posts: 36
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    Very Cool!!!

  • KentWeimerKentWeimer Posts: 121
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    Glad to see so much involvement!

  • hankdrewhankdrew Posts: 65
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    Nice read!

  • LorielKorynnGrigsbyLorielKorynnGrigsby Posts: 16
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    This is so great! Thanks for all the great work you folks do!

  • LaurieAbildsoLaurieAbildso Posts: 57
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    Wonderful summary! Thank you for providing this platform for us to learn from each other!

    Laurie Abildso

    Vice President

    Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia, Inc.

  • SusieLotreckSusieLotreck Posts: 10
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    Love this Year in Review and feeling special that I was tagged. Excited to be a part of the Foundant family and this Compass community!

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    Nice to see such an engaged group! We are currently in training with go live scheduled for April 1, 2023. Looking forward to sharing and learning together.

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