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Has anyone had luck building a new donor report? We are trying to build a report that shows us new donors for 2022 AND includes the funds they gave to. We are able to pull new donors, but not with the donation fund included. I've not been able to get a custom report to work. If you have a report that works and wouldn't mind sharing a screen shot of your filters, that would be awesome!


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    Curious to know if you've had any luck with this report! One of my goals for the new year is to screen our new donors at the end of each month, but I've had some trouble with the Donor report. I tried adding filters but it felt like I was messing up my data. The only fix I can think of would be outside of CSuite with some fancy excel formulas to pull the funds from a different sheet.

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    Yes, I think this one that we created works. In Custom Reports under the Donation reporting. See the screenshot of the fields we pulled in. The key is the filter of "Created Ts" (this is the profile creation date).

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