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Hello! I want to make a benchmark comparison regarding Board Member/Trustee benefits. Our Foundation currently offers our Trustees $25,000 annual designations to any nonprofit organization of their choice. One of the Trustees has recently asked for an increase, and I'm curious what other Foundations do in terms of Board/Trustee benefits to compare against. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    Great question, @AnnMarieMahoney! We'll feature this in a December newsletter to see if we can crowdsource some benchmarks for you!


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    That would be great! Thank you so much!

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    @AnnMarieMahoney The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation provides $50,000 for each Board member to designate per year, $25,000 for each outside committee member per year. Designations must fall within the Foundation's mission. For reference, JTHF is a hybrid family/independent foundation, with assets ~$100M.

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    Hello @AnnMarieMahoney,

    COF has an COF overview of board compensation, although the data is dated for 2010. The information discusses told of the foundation specifically. "studies show that compensation practices vary by type and size of foundation. Of all the foundation types, independent foundations offer compensation more frequently and at higher levels. Community foundations, on the other hand, rarely, if ever, compensate their board members. Somewhere in the middle are family foundations which are frequently unstaffed and whose board members often fulfill a variety of staff and management functions." It then has a table about how frequently each foundation type does compensation.

    COF has an updated Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Report with Board Compensation tables from 2022.

    NCFP has a Trends study from 2019, published in 2020 about family foundations where we asked about board compensation here. There is some data about discretionary grants here from the study, but it talks about frequency of allowing them, policies, and approval, not specific values.

    I hope this is helpful, and I am happy to follow-up via email katie.scott@ncfp.org directly too.



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    This was very helpful. Thank you.

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