Sharing Fund info (not permissions) with non-Advisor family/descendants?

Good morning, 

Years ago, we had a sub-fund created in honor of "Sally" by one of our Affiliate Fund boards after her passing. The Fund supports the grantmaking activity of the Affiliate so the Affiliate is the technical Fund Advisor.

The granddaughter of "Sally" now wants to get engaged with the fund and maybe help it grow.  My thought is that, with approval of the Affiliate, we could give her view only privileges to the Fund.  That way she can see the results of her fundraising efforts and know how the Fund is supporting the Affiliate community.

I think this could be an opportunity for both our Hispanic and African American Affiliate Funds. They were created 30+ years ago and in some cases the subsequent generations of original Fund Advisors or Honorees are just hearing about these sub-funds for the first time and want to resume honoring those legacies. Even though these folks may not meet our "Successor Advisor" criteria, it may be a great way to nurture those generations we thought we lost years ago. 

How would you code these folks. Do you create a "view only relationship" tag of some sort? 

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. 


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